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If you have a tree, or trees, on your property that need to go, we’re here to make Bellevue tree removal service as simple as a phone call. we have the proper tools and extensive training, ensuring that your tree removal is performed quickly and safely. We remove both problematic trees, and trees that are blocking your view. Count on us if you need any of the following trees removed:

Dead or dying trees: Whether it’s a tree that’s been struck by lightning or a tree that’s on its last limb due to old age. We’ll cut down any dead or dying trees on your lot, and we’ll be sure to keep your property safe.

Storm-damaged trees: Tree limbs can snap and break during a heavy storm. If you live in Bellevue and you have a storm-damaged tree and need emergency tree removal, we’ll be there as soon as possible.

Diseased trees: Trees can succumb to the disease, just as we can. If you notice that your trees have fallen victim to mold, insects, or other pests, we have the solution. In some instances, we may be able to save your trees.

Leaning trees: If you have a tree on your property that is leaning, it could fall at any time. Trees lose their stability if they have poor soil, root rot, or if they’ve been weakened by wind or heavy rainfall. While some trees can be saved with cabling and bracing (another one of our services), other trees may need to be cut down.

Land clearing: If you have dozens of trees on your property that need to go, we provide Missouri City land clearing services along with our Missouri City tree removal services. We can clear trees off your lot, and we provide land grading services if you need to complete level your property.


Bellevue Tree Service does professional tree pruning in Bellevue. We are more than a tree service company! Our knowledgeable team members experienced tree cutters. We can improve the shape of your trees and ensure proper form and structure through our expert tree pruning service. Removal of dead, diseased, or storm-damaged branches while thinning the crown will permit new growth and improve air circulation. By removing obstructing lower branches or branches that interfere with your house, pruning will help prevent property damage and help avoid city code violations.

Why Choose Tree Pruning in Bellevue? WA (844) 844-2303

Choose us for all your trimming and pruning needs! Our attention to detail and extensive knowledge and experience with local plants sets us apart from other tree care companies. Not only are our trimming and pruning prices affordable, but we also only employ ISA certified arborists that truly care about the health and safety of your shrubs, hedges, and trees. In addition to trained, certified, and experienced staff, we also have premium liability insurance to ensure the safety of our workers and your property.

Bellevue Tree Service in Bellevue, It has been providing safe, reliable, and knowledgeable services in Bellevue for many years. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built here in our local community. Bellevue Tree Service provides a free consult and quote while striving to keep prices affordable.

For more information about our trimming and pruning services or to have an expert assess the health and growth of your tree, please give us a call today at (Number). Ask about stump removal and tree maintenance services in Bellevue

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